Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Quality scheme


Divided into six sections:

1 . Purpose of quality plan

2 . General information about the project

3 . Project Organization

4 . Development Plan

5 . Management plan

6 . Control plan documentation
This document defines the general framework and management practices and quality applied by EURL Hamdi during the four phases of a project.

HSE Plan
This document summarizes the methods applied during the execution of various tasks and procedures defined responsibilities and roles to his level to minimize the severity and frequency of occupational risks and environmental impacts and prevent future incidents and malfunctions that can interrupt the progress.

Management plan for construction waste
This management plan will promote waste practices focused on non- generation and waste reduction, reuse of materials, recycling and management of waste streams, including the treatment and disposal. It is developed for the project components:
Monitoring tables for predicting the quantities and costs of waste for removal and their methods of disposal.