Tuesday, 24 November 2020



Company presentation Letter


    The Company as referred to in the attached document has acquired many certifications by national institutions, foreign companies and multinational references. They recognized it as the known relative performance of its staff and resources essential criteria.

- Technical expertise and experience in the construction of pipelines.

- Technical mastery of logistics major projects of provision of LATV and heavy rolling stock and equipment.

- Quality of works for implementation of major projects.

- Compliance with labor standards, safety and the environment.

- Timeliness and strict schedule achievements.

- Qualities in labor relations, communication and availability.

      The particular experience resulted in the balance of work done by our Company (pipelines - pipeline & pipeline-control stations and pumping, piping networks, civil engineering, roads and access, topography, transportation, services) in the under contracts, indicates the level of our abilities and professional skills

It is very important to note in particular that the project - Pipeline 28 - Strengthening of Algiers Meurad, Eucalyptus, subject to priority decision in the intervention program of the President of the Republic has led to security conditions with firm and urgent deadlines.

E.U.R.L. Hamdi has successfully met the challenge presented in record time than the one originally specified during the full service Pipeline (Ø28 "- 85Km). This resulted in our company being repeatedly praised by means of correspondence, media (ENTV, Radio, Newspapers) and conferences.

Its staff consists of leading specialists at all levels. His private school as outlined in the attached documents to strengthen its staff with managerial training, QHSE ... and help young university graduates to acquire short and long-cycle training programs which aim at qualifying and getting them up to par to the criteria of today’s rigid employment prerequisites.

Our slogan "Everything for a better quality of work," lies in the strength of the staff to adapt permanently to new methods and technological development resources and tools. "Training" is therefore used as a medical treatment to eradicate any indicators of delay or under development.

Driving School and (in-situ DRIVING SCHOOL) selection, the School of Research and Development of managerial skills was created and supported by an annual budget of over 23 million dinars. Degrees and diplomas are in particular:

1. MASTER Professional integrated QHSE management (diploma CC IANOR, CNFE, Bosha Academy).

2. MASTER Professional Accounting NEFC (new financial and accounting system)

The efforts gave way to the merits and the ambition of the company to create a structure whose sole task is file development and the implementation of conditions for the eligibility to ISO 9001. For this six (06) expert consultants have been nominated to take charge of this mission.

EURL Hamdi is a company that has business relationships and works with many partners in the country (ENAGEO-HMD GROUP CEVITAL, RedMed, Sonatrach, SONELGAZ ....) and abroad (Bechtel, W . BROS, JGC, KBR, HALLIBERTON ...).

It has representations and offices whose status varies according to its schedule of intervention; In Algeria (Hassi Messaoud, Algeria, Ain Amenas Tlemcen) and outside (HOUSTON-USA).

The company has for many years set up a special service of social action. It has mobilized substantial material and financial resources for its operations in the difficult circumstances experienced by populations in some regions of the country. This service remains active for current situations and mobilized for any event of exceptional circumstances.


                    President and Chief Executive Officer