Thursday, 06 May 2021


Company presentation Letter

The Company as referred to in the attached document has acquired many certifications by national institutions, foreign companies and multinational references. They recognized it as the known relative performance of its staff and resources essential criteria.  Read More



Message from the Chairman


"I have great pleasure welcoming you to EURL HAMDI’s Website and highlighting the company’s many achievements, especially in attaining record pipeline and engineering projects along with an exemplary safety record and its proactive HSE culture– something unique in the industry. All these achievements were made possible only because of the high levels of dedication and professionalism demonstrated by EURL HAMDI’s people. Throughout our experience in the field of pipeline we have learnt and still learn from all those International companies with whom we have been working. We believe in quality and performance. Our foremost aim is always to lead a safe job, so SAFETY before all.

Looking ahead, we are confident that, with the same dedication and hard work shown by its employees and the continued support of our communities and all our customers, EURL HAMDI will be able to reach new heights in its endeavors in the coming years."

Hamdi Aissa